While Facebook may extol the virtues of its privacy policies they will not hesitate to release personal information to law enforcement authorities if pressed to do so.

What kind of information are they willing to give up?

  • All your contact information including your phone number,residential address and e-mail address.

  • Status updates and posts.

  • Everything you ever shared or liked.

  • All your notes.

  • All your friends.

  • Groups you belong to.

  • Events.

  • Your photos and all your videos.

  • All messages sent and received.

  • Where and when you logged in.

  • Your user number.

  • The date you joined.


Not if you're an upstanding citizen. But there are elements that deal with law enforcement that can, if willing, misuse this information. Consider, for example, the millions of homeowners who are defaulting on their underwater mortgages. The extent of the information provided seems a "bit" overboard and is potentially damaging on a financial and emotional level.

Best advice: Remember 1984. Watch your "Wall".

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Wendy Marquardt said...

Excellent information and advice. Even for those of us who "have nothing to hide"...if the information is being sought by those who have intention to use it maliciously--nobody is safe! Thanks, Paul.