Photo: Job Fair in China


As the market for goods and services in China explodes and its economy rides on job growth, it faces an oversupply of intellectual capital as university graduates swell in the face of few jobs. This year, as reported by China Daily, it is expected that 5 million graduates will be vying for half as many jobs.

The imbalance has created a new growth business …. recruitment, growing at many multiples the GNP. Companies such as P&G, LG, and Microsoft have set up “Elite Clubs” in universities in an effort to reserve future employees.

In stark contrast to the available entry level market, mid-managers and senior executives are becoming scarcer, with a corresponding void in the ability for many firms to successfully drive vision with clarity.

In our own media world, the latter half of the scenario replays itself as we face a lack of seasoned professionals who have either moved into other areas or left the business entirely. Our industry’s response to the problem has been only to “beef up” recruitment when it should be coupled with investment in development and training of the currency we all depend upon …. our people.

It's, very simply, the future of computing.

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