Backroom operations are battling it out. The stakes are high.

Agencies seeking out software systems for the management of an enterprise wide management suite are pitting Donovan Data Systems (DDS) to defend against Mediabank as smaller contenders including Strata and Harris sit it out in the bleachers. All the while, entrepreneurial entries in the form of MediaX begin nipping at all their heels.

Starcom’s move from Donovan to Mediabank likely cost them a small fortune and a major migraine, sparking rumors of a return to Donovan, while driving part of its account to nimble entrepreneurs ala MediaX.

IPG’s Mediabrands is on the fence and about to fall one way or the other as Mediabank pushes for a move to unseat Donovan. Mediabank toppled Donovan when it won the DraftFCB account, jamming its foot in the Mediabrands door.

But eating Donovan’s lunch will not be an easy feat as it represents the majority share of agency business, driving close to $200 million in revenue.

Donovan’s Achilles Heel: It’s the system of choice that everyone loves to hate and a dinosaur that cannot easily innovate.

Mediabank’s underbelly exposes hubris that allows them to believe they have sufficient resources to manage a large win.

Among the underdogs, Harris seems not to have been invited to the party while Strata was simply glossed over.

And …. An honorary mention to the new entries that seem to “get it” and are willing to match their resources to agency visions.

An upset may be close at hand, before year’s end.


Anonymous said...

As a Mediabrands insider, I can tell you Strata was definitely not glossed over.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that you would mention Media X in this article - a prerevenue company as competition to two very established companies.

makes me think that you might be doing a favor for someone.....

Paul Benjou said...

My Response to Anonymous:
My sources indicate the company is generating revenue and is making back-door inroads.

I encourage competition on all levels and do know the folks behind MediaX as well as those involved with Mediabank,Harris, et al.

Favor? No. It's a level playing field and I c all the shots as I see them.

Anonymous said...

As a DDS insider, I can tell you DDS definitely should be glossed over...

Anonymous said...

Paul, have you heard any news about Publicis' decision? Adweek reported that both DDS and Mediabank will retain its existing business, but I heard from a reliable source there was a big kick off meeting recently with mediabank. for anyone in this business, this battle is a great one to see! thanks!