The phrase translates to "you say it like you say it" and is part and parcel of the launch for a campaign that accepts a change in the pronunciation of PEPSI to PESI.

The campaign, launched in Spain, recognizes the cultural nuances that often pop up with global brands. The second "P" in Pepsi is difficult to pronounce in Spanish. Developed by Contrapunto BBDO, a television spot cast Spanish soccer star Fernando Torres to carry the campaign. His difficulty pronouncing Pepsi becomes the focus of the spot (below).

The approach is an extension of Pepsi's sensitivity to the fact that Pepsi is pronounced in different ways by different cultures. In Argentina, for example, Pepsi is pronounced Pecsi, replacing the "P" with a "C".

Translating that sensitivity to a neighborhood level in the US becomes more complex, but can nonetheless go a long way to bring the consumer much closer to a brand. Pepsi took the campaign one step further to create website encouraging visitors to contribute to a "Pecsipedia" of Argentine slang.

And it all started back in 1937 when George Gershwin wrote "you say tomato, I say tomato" as part of the lyrics in "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off".

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