As Apple releases its latest "magical" device, a closer look reveals a host of shortcomings that may have Apple going back to the drawing pad.

The Huffington Post recently released "The Nine Worst Things About The iPad".

1-It's name. Sounds like a tampon product
2-No Multi-tasking
3-No Camera
4-No USB port
5-The AT&T deal. Major complaints concerning coverage.
6-No Flash. Forget about Online gaming, ESPN or Disney.
7-Its Screen. LED is harsh on the eyes and drains batteries faster than OLED.
8-The Price. For a limited use machine it's overpriced at $499 and up.
9-Closed App Store. Must pass Apple approval process that limits certain apps.
10-Every pad needs a pencil.

The video that follows puts it best. Hilarious. But oh so true!


HarryBallstein said...

Bet you they sell a ton of them, and I'll bet you the next hardware upgrade or 2.0 version will have 6 or 7 of those missing complaints.

Paul Benjou said...

I am hoping you're right. As an iPhone user I would like to see Jobs hit another home run with the iPad.

At least ATT just announced an increased investment of $2B to beef up their network in NY and SF.


Buy Kimono said...

She has no multi-tasking , no flash after all. That's a bit iPod Touch.

Unknown said...

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