With no intentions to rain on your parade this holiday weekend (yes, we’ve all had enough rain, thank you) today’s post offers up a moment of Zen before the start of the holiday.

The group you’ll see and hear in the video that follows is Perpetuum Jazzile, from Slovenia, performing an amazing rendition of Toto’s Africa. Thunderstorm simulation effects were inspired by Kearsney Choir (South Africa).

Turn up your volume to HIGH, close your eyes and for the first two minutes, listen…. then go back to see how this was accomplished.

Happy (Dry) Fourth!


Anonymous said...

I just cant get enough of this clip. Thank you for posting it

mediagenius said...

How fantastic is this?

Unknown said...

wow! Thanks Paul! this is really cool - have never heard such an innovative choral arrangement - amazing natural sound effects. As a former choral singer I can really appreciate the creativity! Nice response from Toto! this is what I love about YouTube!