If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and are a Twitter user, get yourself over to TweetMic. It’s an application that allows you to record a tweet with no limits on recording time. The app effectively eliminates the frustrating 140 character limit on a Twitter posting.

The app works flawlessly with a high quality recording and playback.
A list of features from their home page follows:

• Incredibly simple and intuitive interface
• Quickly record audio and publish to Twitter

• Review your recordings before publishing

• Easily overwrite old recordings by hitting "record" again

• Create unique and engaging Tweetcasts in no time

• Ultra high recording sound quality

• Unlimited recording time

• Uses your existing Twitter account, no additional signup

• Navigate and listen to your published audio tweets
• Your tweets stay live unless you delete them
• Easy management of your audio tweets at

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Gordon Whitehead said...

Thanks...I think I'll try it.