In what is a marketer;s dream come true, it appears the number one selling apparel item on Amazon is a lowly, but exalted Tee shirt!

The Tee is mundane….three wolves howling at the moon. One might expect to see the shirt on a Harley rider, blowing open in the wind, exposing a large beer gut. Or at best, on some “babe” in a bar on a dusty road in a long lost Texas town. And … hardly ever selling for more than three dollars on some mass merchant’s clearance rack.

How did this Tee hit the top of the charts? It’s not the Tee, but the reviews on Amazon, more than 400 of them, that take viral storytelling to a new social high.

If there’s a story here it’s not the Tee, but the power of one small review snowballing into an avalanche of positive, infectious energy.

Read the reviews here. You may not be able to stop. And you might even buy the Tee.

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