Is the White Castle commercial introducing their newest creation, a pulled pork sandwich, taking the “art” of food commercials to new depths?

The thirty-second spot (below) is an odd, if not shockingly memorable, mix of music, a ballet dancer in a pig’s outfit and what tries to be an erotic display of a barbecue sauce showering the pig as well as the audience in a come hither “call to action”.

White Castle, known for its thin, square, steamed, bland, if not tasteless burgers, extends the concept of tasteless to this newest introduction … with apologies to the town of White Castle, Louisiana (population 1,850).

It may just work to increase brand awareness and trial.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes a call to the 80's using the infamous scene from the movie FlashDance. It is interesting that alot of ads center around one genre or another which I suppose is suppose to speak to that particular audience. Good example of that is Honda's throw back commercial to the A-team van pushing the odessey. Anyhow I found the commercial to be funny, but cant say it makes me want to try pull pork from white castle. Maybe they will have to make another Howard and Kumar go to white castle sequal in which they get the new sandwhich. That would have been a better commercial.