Ok, so we’re in a recession and you’re going to stop training your staff and stop spending money on marketing - right?


What can you do to give your business an edge over your competitors?
As the Internet extends into every part of our everyday lives, consumers are using it to research products and services before they make contact with you.

Got a website but it’s not generating sales? Not sure if your online budget is optimized for performance?

A website is an essential component of your marketing strategy - it gives your prospects an opportunity to experience your brand, product or service before they contact you. It empowers your prospect with knowledge about your company and what you have to offer so that they are more comfortable about taking the next step - which is to buy now or call you. It is also not unlikely that you're not up to speed on your ability to track and interact with your customers. New tracking technologies are emerging faster than they can be integrated into your online strategies.

A study conducted after the 70’s recession concluded “companies which did not cut advertising expenditures during the recession years (1974-1975) experienced higher sales and net income during those two years and the two years following than companies which cut ad budgets in either or both recession years” MatrikMT

The article continues to say that studies have consistently proven that if you have the guts to invest resources marketing now, you will be more competitive in this tight market and you will come out on top when the economy improves.

In addition to maintaining marketing budgets, leveraging the power of web analytics and the ability to target down to the household level and, in some cases, provide a pathway that leads back to the consumer via e-mail, brings us that much closer to the “holy grail” of web hyper-marketing.

Is your knowledge and use of next-generation trends in web analytics and hyper-targeting up to snuff?

For a quick top down briefing and consul, and a chance to “peek behind the kimono” of an exciting next-generation hyper-marketing tool, feel free to reach out to me at


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