We've all been told that a picture is worth a thousand words. Presumably when you continue down that path and talk about diagrams and charts, the value goes up even further in a media environment. Flow charts, organization charts, network diagrams ….all visuals…. then add even more information to them, and the diagrams can show process flow, relationships between people or events.

While charts and diagrams may be great for conveying information, they're not always so easy to create. Add to that the price of the tools necessary to put them together, and you may find yourself going back to the thousand words you were trying to replace with the image.

Lovely Charts is an online service that lets you build some pretty cool charts and graphs using only your web browser. Using their libraries of components, you just drag and drop the pieces of your chart, so you can focus on getting your meaning across, rather than getting bogged-down in the drawing process.

Lovely Charts offers a free limited service with a premium service priced at under five dollars a month. After signing up, you can create and export an unlimited number of charts, but can save only one for later revision—saving charts to re-edit at a later time requires a subscription to the premium membership. Lovely Charts should be compatible with most systems running a modern web browser.

There is a fifteen minute tutorial that will arm you with the tools to make you look like a pro.
Click to go to: Lovely Charts

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