I’m speechless. At an MIEG (Media Information Exchange Group) breakfast this week, Brian Reich, co-author of Media Rules!, launched into a rationale for television networks taking over the full service functions of ad agencies.

What planet did this kid come from??

The rationale and the example he uses to make his point is so far off base, it’s painful to listen to and watch him. He seizes on his need for an SUV with certain requirements that cannot be had with the information the agencies (make that the middlemen who know only half of what they should know) communicate through the media channels. SUV?? Brian, have you been reading the papers lately or watching the news? I know someone who has a bridge for sale as well.

His logic is so very twisted, it defies logic itself. It’s obvious this wunderkind has no clue. Maybe he should work for Google.

His bio states: “Brian has spent much of his life working in and around politics, including helping to direct dozens of campaigns across the country.” THAT explains it!

Frankly, I’m surprised Ad Age gave him a platform. It makes for a good laugh though.

Follow this link to the video (you must click on his thumbnail for the 9/9 clip). Comments welcome. And please don’t suggest I read his book … he obviously couldn't have written it alone.

Color commentary aside, I understand Brian is a principal at echoditto, a communications company whose work with online communities is to be applauded.

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Unknown said...

Paul Woolmington at Naked Communications was just my guest on the DishyMix show and talked about the beginnings of media neutrality and the “polygamous marriage of media.”


Paul considers Naked an independent communications agency. They don’t profess to have any bias toward particular media or particular creative. They're like the handyman that doesn’t favor any particular tool. Paul does an excellent job describing why this is an effective alternative agency model.