From time to time this blog posts on the creative geniuses in our industry, unbridled by the many marketers that are willing to move into a more creative realm. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, often heartbreaking but always brilliant.

What follows are several print ads, outdoor executions and TV commercials crafted by a cross section of agencies both here and abroad.

Enjoy . . . .

Is the following art or is it a commercial? A brilliant execution.

The next pick takes me back to childhood with a unique twist at the end. It's not what you think.

Not a television commercial ... guess where it belongs.

The following executions will roll without explanation. They speak for themselves.

If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter.

Reading the finer print, this is an ad for a funeral home. Genuis!

The following print ad give Bentley Motors the last word in a recent "we are better than you" war between top brand auto makers.


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