The buzz around the release of Google’s GPhone appears to focus on this year’s fourth quarter. If I were to place bets on the styling of the device, it will likely mirror that of HTC’s (the device manufacturer) Touch Diamond, released overseas earlier this year and pictured here. A call to HTC confirms release of the device in the US in the second half of the year …. Coincidentally dovetailing with Google’s entry.

HTC’s Touch Diamond and Touch Pro models appear to blanket all of the functions (and then some) inherent in Apple’s iPhone. Not available in the US and supported by the ubiquitous Google, we can expect the GPhone will give Apple a serious run for its money in a few months. It’s price tag overseas is high .. as much as $499, but expect that to drop significantly for the US market.

Apple’s misstep (or strategic blunder) may be its inability to maintain inventory at levels that would provide instant gratification to its customer base. More than a month after its release, the iPhone is still not available without a long waiting list. Coupled with the recent press concerning dropped calls and lost signals, it allows Google easy entry to fill the void.

I've given up waiting, finding many excuses not to purchase the iPhone. I don’t need ‘pretty”, I need a phone that’s dependable.

Here’s a list of just a few pluses for the Diamond:

• Comes with a super cool touch-based interface, with a really rich media kind of feel to it.
• Like the iPhone it has built in sensors and accelerometer, so that it can react to the different angles you are using it with.
• It has built-in email support, calendar, Word, Excel, tasks.
• It can display images and video clips in a lot of formats (more than the iPhone).
• It is not restricted to iTunes software, or the iTunes Apps.
• It comes with Opera instead of internet Explorer, and what a great browser that is. It is actually better than Safari.
• It supports higher 3G speeds than the iPhone.
• It comes with Google Maps, YouTube, PDF and a ton of other applications that has already been made for Windows Mobile 6.1.
• ...and it small enough to not feel like a brick in your pocket.

Gotta run …. phone’s ringing.

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