On Monday, Google will have announced the coming of the Gphone, supported by a suite of software based on Linux. On the heels of that announcement, which includes a consortium of top tier companies in the mobile computing space, Google will not release details on the phone’s design or manufacturer which is rumored to be China’s e28.

Choosing e28 as the Gphone manufacturer and Linux software provider is an ingenious move that will certainly trump the popularity of the iPhone. Imagine a phone that makes calls using a low cost VOIP system on cellular networks and WIFI while seamlessly integrating data across diverse technology platforms. Add to that an open platform that will allow any programmer to develop add-on applications ala Facebook and you have the makings of a revolution in Mobile technology.

As the Gphone positions itself in a high-tech market that is now dominated by Apple, it will need to match, if not exceed, the Apple design team’s ability to pull together a sleek, sexy look for the product.

The strategy balance between business use (the Blackberry user) and personal use (primarily by young adults) must be carefully weighed if the market is to be successfully penetrated by Google. Initial pricing will be crucial.

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