Fuggetabout IT !

The newest eBay ad campaign touts “Whatever it is, you can get it on eBay” in a variety of boring commercials.

In my book, IT always stood for Information Technology and was originally promoted as such in an ad campaign by Fortune Magazine in the early 90’s. Fortune positioned the magazine against a business / technology community with phrases like ….

What is IT?
Who wants IT?
Where is IT?
How can I get IT?

…. in both print ads and video shorts.

And just recently, Gatorade launched its version with “Gatorade IT”. “It’s here, it’s everywhere.”

We’ll I’m not buying IT. It is now about as overdone as “the art of….” tagline in countless ads.

Will the real creative geniuses step forward, give IT up and come up with more creative approaches.

Oh…by the way …. Type
www.ebay.it into your browser and you’ll wind up in the eBay, Italy domain!!

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richm29 said...

Another example of lazy marketing. Who created that? Better yet, who was the marketing guy that approved it? I would have liked to be a fly on the wall when the agency presented that campaign idea.