The Search engine Strategies (SES) Conference in New York kicked off today with a blow out crowd estimated to be 5000 plus, signaling an approaching business turn-around.

The opening keynote by David Meerman Scott, author of the just released "Worldwide Rave" immediately connected with his audience focusing on the issue of content creation and its impact on attention. The content of his presentation held the attention of his audience with the video that follows as part of his "act". The video is for a German company (CWS) that manufactures self-cleaning toilets, generating attention and a viral connection with over 2 million views through "Word Of Mouse".

The mid-day keynote panel, moderated by Henry Blodget, CEO, The Business Insider, as no less impressive with a lively exchange on stage and with the audience. Jonathan Blum, CEO, Blumsday LLC, lit up the audience with witty no holds barred exchanges calling out iTunes as a "restrictive, clumsy, dumb product" and suggesting the web is becoming a "content slum". Blodget, ripped mobile advertising as just a "crappy medium".

Waiting for Day 2 to be just as lively.

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