A good way to measure the health of the ad industry is to track the number of Mergers and Acquisitions taking place.

The good folks at GM Ryan International issue a monthly round up of M&A activity in the Media, Ad-Tech and ad world.  There were twenty-four acquisitions in March, pointing to healthy industry activity.

Although low to mid-market M&A activity could be losing a bit of steam this year, as cheap bank financing tightens dictated by fed activity, private equity firms appear to be sitting on capital they raised in the last two years.

The powder is dry.  Let's see what happens during this election year.

Nielsen acquires Pointlogic.
Outbrain acquires Revee.
Clickable acquires TalkWheel.
SugarCRM acquires Contastic.
Sprinklr acquires Postano.
Google acquires Pie.
YouTube acquires BandPage.
Amazon acquires Emvantage.
ASICS acquires RunKeeper.
Web.com acquires Yodle.
Amazon acquires NICE.
Everalbum acquires Pout.
Time Inc. acquires Viant.
Microsoft acquires Groove.
Merkle acquires dbg.
Apple acquires LegbaCore.
Microsoft acquires SwiftKey.

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