I could not resist the opportunity to copy and paste this post from Bob Hoffman's Ad Contrartian blog.

Facebook has decided that it no longer wants to be in the business of selling clicks. Instead it wants to be in the business of selling reach and frequency, just like the grown-ups.

Of course, this is a cruel joke because reach and frequency mean nothing if the ads are invisible, which they are on Facebook.

This bar chart (to actual scale) does a pretty good job of explaining why they'd rather sell reach and frequency than clicks.

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For every 10,000 ads they deliver, Facebook gets 5 clicks. What would you want to sell?


Debrianna said...

I feel that the R&F argument is the bastion of sites with poor performance. Also feels very backward looking!

Debrianna said...

The R&F argument is the bastion for underperforming sites. Not to mention it's backwards looking!