On June 12 2012, a veteran of the media buying world, Norman King (86), passed away.  Norman was the father of the first independent media buying service, having founded U.S. Media some 42 years ago.

Norman King upset the agency apple cart, dragging away media buying and upending the traditional agency commission structure forever.

On April 15, 1970, at the annual Television meeting of the Association of National Advertisers, Norman told what it was going to be like from that day on.  A 1992 tribute to Norman by Erwin Ephron, a legend in his own right, can be found here, a link to "Ephron on Media", where the story of Norman's meeting with the ANA is told.

Norman leaves behind his wife of 56 years, Barbara, son Laurence, grandchildren Allison, Daniel and Nicholas, and The Friars Club where he was a fixture for as long as they can remember.

You did good, Norman.

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