As we all wait for the iPad 3 (HD) to hit the streets in March, investors are watching as Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) continues to hit new high notes.
The price of Apple's stock closed near $536 today and will likely continue its upward swing as major investors take advantage of the frenzy and its momentum.
While the stock is pricey for the small investor it may be wise to take a position in the voice recognition technology that drives SIRI for the iPhone. Nuance (NASDAQ:NUAN) is the company that drives that technology for Apple and a host of other companies. It's priced at about $27 a share and is a multi-billion dollar company in its own right.
Nuance is also rumored to be a potential acquisition target by Apple, IBM or Microsoft.
I tracked both Apple and Nuance stock for the last 5 years. The chart below reflects the almost parallel trajectory for both stocks, noting that Nuance (red) lags behind Apple movement by about a week.

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Note: These are my own observations which may or may not be predictive of future stock prices. As a matter of record I maintain positions in both Apple and Nuance as of this writing.

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