If you could put 1,130 people in a room for one full year working on a project of your choice for 8 hours a day, what could you accomplish?

Those man hours represent the time spent on Angry Birds games each day. That's the equivalent of 200 million minutes each day playing Angry Birds. The number has been increasing by 8-10 percent each year.

What does this say about our global culture and the rise of the Internet? I cannot find logic in the explosive and frivolous waste of time that masks itself as "entertainment". Are we so far gone that we have lost sight of what's important and what passes as useful?

Granted, there are ways children and adults can learn through game playing when focused on real-world problems. I encourage the resources that push the educational gaming envelope forward ....but Angry Birds? I would be surprised and welcome data that refutes an estimate that less than 3 percent of game hours spent are of an educational nature.

Do the math. In one week it is estimated that globally 3 billion hours are spent playing video games. THREE BILLION!

Who's playing? 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls are playing games these days. And don't be surprised by the number of executives caught in the web.

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