Late last year a couple of chicks got together and decided to break away from the mother hen. As they matured into adulthood, they recognized their health needs were different from the older hens. And so they set off to establish a community of chicks that had common health questions.... was the result.

Born from one of the WebMd ribs, ChickRx is a new start-up focusing on everyday health issues, but not intended to offer up serious medical advice (see your doctor for that).

The founders, two twenty-something "chicks" felt a need for a health website targeting their demographic. Founders Stacey Borden and Meghan Muntean (both 26) describe ChickRx as Daily Candy-meets-WebMd.

No traffic stats yet for this newly launched site but we would like your opinion.

Is there a real need for another health site catering to twenty-somethings? Visit the site here and let us know below.

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