Socialising Johannesburg

The following from friends at PSFK on the use of digital outdoor-scapes....

Nike’s Write The Future campaign is taking an innovative approach by merging social media and World Cup activities to forge a truly interactive experience. Fans can submit a 57-character inspirational message through Facebook, Twitter, Mxitt (a South African social network), and QQ (a Chinese social network) and choose an accompanying picture of their favorite soccer player to have it headlined on the Life Center, one of Johannesburg’s largest skyscrapers.

One hundred fan-generated headlines are selected each night to be displayed on Africa’s largest interactive LED screen. Measuring 44 meters high by 42 meters wide and hoisted 30 stories high, it displays fan messages for the entire city to read and be inspired by. When a message is chosen and displayed, the fan receives a personalized notification with a picture of the headline and the accompanying animation of their favorite soccer player.

Several years ago the same strategy was utilized by Gateway for a digital billboard in Times Square.

Watch a video about the campaign below and the Times Square photo that precedes it.

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