Getting my hands on an iPad for a few hours this weekend I was finally able to see what all the hoopla was about.

Much ado about nothing .... at least for version1.0.

What could this version of an iPhone on steroids do that my iPhone or Lenovo laptop couldn't do? Let's find out.

Upfront, the display is an eye popper. Crisp, clean and bright. Switching from one application to another was sickeningly fast. But switch you must because you cannot multitask on the iPad.

Photos? Got them on my iPhone. Reader? While I don't use a digital reader, I understand that the LED back lighting on the iPad is not as easy on the eyes as is the Kindle or Sony Reader. The interface that allows you to move from page to page is an awesome bell and whistle.

Computing and word processing? Not yet. Typing on glass may be a natural for those growing up with it, but I still prefer the keys on my Lenovo (even though I'm a whiz at texting on the iPhone).

Connecting peripherals? Forget it. No USB ports. Would rather listen to music on the iPhone with my external speakers.

No camera or web cam or communication device (as in PHONE). A device killer.

On and on....it's a way cool new (if not retro) gadget that will no doubt have all your friends buzzing like bees around you to get their hands on it.

This first release leaves much to be desired and much to be looking forward to.

I'll pass on the iPad till version x.o proves it can at least live up to its cousin the iPhone. So for now, it's an interactive clipboard.

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Susan said...

Well said! I too got a chance to play on an iPad this past weekend and at this point is seems nothing more than an iTouch on steroids.

As for using the iPad as a Kindle replacement, I can only imagine that at 1.5 lbs your wrists will get quite the workout.

The real deal-killer is the inability to multi-task. This is a huge disappointment, as is the decision not to include Flash.