Today's post will take a departure from general media issues to report on a few personal likes and dislikes which, I believe, may have a small but positive impact on your day.

You'll love how this sounds. If you're in the market for a low cost portable peripheral speaker the size of a golf ball with awesome sound, the X-mini fits the bill. It's the world's first pocket size speaker with built in bass support and a rechargeable battery. Sound quality is uncompromising for its size.

I use these speakers plugged into an iPhone while listening to music or Pandora. They also come in handy when plugged directly into the Sirius (XM) satellite receiver. You can also daisy chain several for a unique listening experience with deep, very deep, bass.

Speakers can be ordered directly from the
website for about $20 each. It's only shortcoming is a short tether from the listening device to the speaker.

Twenty Eight, Five hundred, One Thousand Four Hundred. This could be a reprise from the musical RENT. What it represents is a reprehensible amount of average fat, calories and sodium in a new "sandwich" creation from the folks at Yum! Brand's KFC.

A heap of bacon, cheese and special sauce between two pieces of grilled or crispy chicken. Where's the bun!

I admit I had to pull into the nearest KFC to try it. Ecch! It was like biting into a salt lick. A shout out to Dave Novak, Chairman of Yum! Brands .... would you feed one of these to your kids?

The following from Steven Colbert says it all .... "This is deep-fried madness. It is breaded insanity. It is a sandwich that lacks all sandwichness...This is the warped creation of a syphilitic brain."
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Finally, a look at one of the best versions of Madonna's "Vogue" video to hit the airwaves ... played by Jane Lynch (Glee's Sue Sylvester), to be aired next week. A big thumbs up for this .... sure to propel Glee and Jane Lynch to the top of the popularity charts.

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