Having made the rounds of at least a dozen agencies over the last few weeks I am beginning to notice a few stress cracks for those strategists, communications planners, ad-ops managers and personnel dedicated to the digital landscape.

Doing more with less is the mantra executive offices are chanting in the face of a recessive economy. But to what end?

Paths of least resistance are followed in order to play "catch-up", often passing by initiatives that could enhance the outcome of media campaigns.

Who's at fault?

The economy, the bean counters at the agencies, marketers pressuring agencies to do more for less, the swarm of data vendors offering countless alternatives with questionable accountability or the publishers who barrage media and account teams with often short-sighted promotions?

"All of the above" will eventually wear down digital practitioners until the stress cracks shift to create burn out. We risk the loss of bright minds to other industries if we don't relieve the stress.

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