The controversy and sparing between newspaper companies and aggregation sites was recently highlighted in an editorial by Arianna Huffington on her site The Huffington Post. Taking aim at Rupert Murdoch's call for pay walls, she handily convinced her audience (albeit a web audience) that pay walls are not the answer.

Maintaining journalistic excellence while making a profit is becoming increasingly impossible for news companies that cling to a print-only business model.

There is hope.

At today's gathering at the World Newspaper Congress in Hyderabad, India, over 1500 participants heard how a news and information company in the U.S. is transforming itself to become a digital savvy operation that turns the old print-only model on its ear while projecting record profits. This company successfully reverse-engineered the production and, importantly, the distribution of content looking to the web first and print last.

John Paton, Chairman and CEO at ImpreMedia, the largest Hispanic News and Information company in the U.S., passionate about journalism, the communities he serves and his dedicated employees, provided his audience with a road map for what appears to be a successful embrace of the digital landscape before us.

His speech can be read here. I urge you to read it.

In closing, Mr. Paton also announced new initiatives for hyperlocal media efforts extending to local communities in New York and LA via community blogging partnerships. ImpreMedia will establish E-Journalism Media Labs and shepherd key community bloggers to address the importance of hyperlocal journalism.

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