History always repeats itself.

Back in 1980, on the Myrtle Avenue station stop of the New York City subway, Bill Brand installed 228 hand painted panels viewed through a series of vertical slits. As the train passed through the station, the series appeared as moving art.

The piece works on the principal of a Zoetrope, a 19th century optical toy. The installation was recently restored and can be viewed from the "B" and "Q" trains from Dekalb Avenue bound for Manhattan.

Today, Out Of Home marketers are exploiting the concept for "ads in motion".

Back to September, 1909, one hundred years ago.

A New York City inventor proposed to mount a continuous band of pictures from one side of the subway station to the other and have them illuminated by lamps placed behind them. The installation never happened but the seed was planted for Bill Brand to bring it to full bloom eighty years later.

As we dash madly through our lives trying to keep up with technological advances, it's reassuring to know that we can often find our future in our past.


Susan said...

It just goes to show, quality ideas have longevity. A concept that more businesses should latch on to.

joe said...

I believe I read an article awhile ago that utilized this very tactic to promote the starwars movie, in which the trailer still images were put in the subways across the ocean. could be opportunity for MTA to rake in more money and exposure for movie houses.