Once again, Google's Mail service has experienced an outage. A "limited number" of users cannot access their e-Mail accounts while other have no access to their contacts.

It's time to

We are fortunate enough to be living during a period of exponential technological growth .... often outstripping our ability as humans to cope with disruptive episodes. And while these tears in the fabric of our technology are quickly repaired, we often find ourselves frantic over the disconnect.

Our new methods of communication, while they appear in a heavenly cloud form, are nonetheless driven by machines vulnerable to a host of negative forces. Nature, the force of cyber
attacks, sun spots and the chaos that they can precipitate will never go away.

When, not if, the plug is pulled, take a few hours or even the day to recharge and slow down. Earlier this month, the social media guide website
Mashable suggested five things to do when Google goes down.

Here are five more ....

Find a library and reacquaint yourself with books .... NOT of the Kindle variety. Buy a newspaper, find a bench and read it.

Write something. Begin with a letter to a friend or a thank you note for a recent client exchange.

Take a survey and a break from your desk. Hit the streets, stop people at random and ask if they Twitter. You might be surprised at the results.

Go shopping for that cashmere sweater you spotted on sale.

Hit a coffee shop or a Starbucks and pick up the tab for the person in line behind you ... start a conversation. can sit in front of your screen for the next few hours hitting the F5 key hoping for something to happen. Just remember, it's not
Google's fault that you don't have a back-up strategy in place.

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