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A recent clipping from the site, or whatever the digital equivalent is called, focused on a Wall Street Journal article authored by John Freeman, the acting editor of Granta Magazine. His essay,
"Not So Fast" was adapted from his forthcoming book, "The Tyranny of E-Mail".

For those of us that consider the pace of our lives to be inextricably caught up in the web of the web, this is a must read. Twenty years from today, many of you may believe his words fall into an anachronism, sadly missing his point.

"The ultimate form of progress is learning to decide what is working and what is not; and working at this hyper-pace, e-mailing at a frantic rate is pleasing very few of us.

How many of our most joyful memories have been created in front of a screen?

If technology is to be used for the betterment of human life, we must reassert that the Internet and its virtual information space is not a world unto itself but a supplement to our existing world."

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