A week from this coming Sunday, NBC will have sold the last thirty-second spot in the Superbowl, asking $3 million for the privilege. Whether or not NBC succeeds in reaching that lofty goal is questionable given an economic climate that admonishes excess.

On Sunday, February 1, at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, one of the largest television audiences ever assembled will be exposed to Madison Avenue’s star studded parade of “over-the-top” advertisers.

Who cares more? The viewing public or the marketers shelling out uber-bucks for the best seat in the house? Marketers that pulled the plug on the expense this year include GM (a revelation!) and FedEx, failing to deliver a $3 million check. It’s doubtful that viewers will notice they didn’t make it this year.

Predicting a 44.4 rating and a 63 share, the poll that follows should help us decide if there’s fair value in a Superbowl spot (polling is anonymous).

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