From today’s AP Newswire: “A new deal between Google Inc. and Hallmark Channel allows advertisers to place ads on Hallmark's namesake and movie channels through the Internet search operator, the companies said Wednesday.
Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Starting early next year advertisers will use the Google TV Ads platform to place ads on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel. The platform will also provide viewership data that will allow advertisers to make real-time adjustments to their placements.

Hallmark Channel was viewed in 86 million U.S. homes in November and plans to run more than 30 original movies in 2009. Hallmark Movie Channel shows classic movies, presentations from the Hallmark Hall of Fame library, Hallmark Channel original movies and special events.”

Google TV Ads now represents more than one hundred on-air program opportunities. A review of their demos on YouTube provides some basic understanding of the process. Frankly, I am wary of the ability of Google to reduce the purchase of TV time to a PC driven interface. The tool appears fun to use and if you’re in a mindless state does all of the “thinking” for you. Thanks, but no thanks. The demos appear to be focused on DR advertisers paying $75 to $275 for a cable program slot in an auction based venue.

What is Hallmark thinking? Apparently, desperation breeds panic. And I’m sure the Hallmark reps feel all warm and fuzzy about the prospect of Google selling for them …. Not. If this signals trouble selling inventory for Hallmark, and if you’re a negotiator and not a PC drone, use the weakness to your negotiating advantage! You might want to do the same with all the other Google programs too.

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