Is Google courting Donovan Data Systems?

The scenario is very likely given a chain of events going back to April 2007 when Google announced the acquisition of DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.

"Google is the absolute perfect partner for us," said David Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer of DoubleClick. "Combining DoubleClick's cutting edge digital solutions for both media buyers and sellers with Google's scale and innovative resources will bring tremendous value to our clients."

Early in 2008, one of Donovan Data’s program managers who had been with the company since 1993, quietly made a move to DoubleClick.

Just last week, DoubleClick announced a new proposal exchange platform built upon application agnostic standards, which will ultimately allow for broader integration with other advertising technology solutions.

Google forked over 20 times the estimated revenue for DoubleClick … it would not be a stretch for the giant to similarly overpay for Donovan Data in its effort to grab a company whose lion’s share of the off-line ad agency market hovers in the 75% plus range. Add into the equation Michael Donovan’s age (66), and an exit strategy can’t be too far off base.

Is Donovan Data the missing puzzle piece for Google and off-line media?

This according to Mark Howe, Google UK, just about a year ago …. "If we can build tools to link information from Donovan Data Systems and plug into other systems to measure the effectiveness of online, then that is the Holy Grail. It won’t happen this year, but that is the Holy Grail."

If not now, when?


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. The guy who went to doubleclick was a client service account manager who types with 2 fingers. He is not involved in the least with this. What a stretch. Shows what happens when you have two much information to look at and to make assumptions on it!

Paul Benjou said...

It is my understanding that there has been more thsn just this one "transfer" to DCLK. And while I would never venture to publish the name of these individuals, your belittling commentary is undeserved.
Time will tell, but believe me, it would be in the best interest for BOTH DoubleClick and DDS to marry.

Anonymous said...