Art. It takes many forms. From a small child’s interpretation of a dream or a memory to the street artist and graffiti master or to the masters that hang in our museums. It can be a painting or the graceful lines of bridge or a skyscraper. The click of a camera or the plating of a meal.

What follows are several creative interpretations of art designed to fit a very common advertising vehicle ….the bag.

The photos speak for themselves, often making a statement or just tickling our fancy.

Against Foie Gras

The necklace is the handle. Genius !!
Anything placed in the bad is "hugged"

An event can also be created as an art form. Christo's gates in Central Park or the "freezing" of several hundred commuters in Grand Central Station as in this video....generating over 4.5 million views on YouTube in just two weeks!!

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