Jerry Yang, CEO of Yahoo! Opened the CES show on Monday, detailing his vision for a world view of everything Yahoo!. With the fortunes of Yahoo! hitting the skids lately, the banter sounded very much like that which the world already has, or will shortly have, with Google as a portal to the world’s riches.

According to Yang, “from the newest to the most experienced user, Yahoo!’s goal is to be the simple starting point for a much richer and more complex world so you can get more out of it. Whether you’re looking for fun, information, entertainment or social connections, you want to experience everything to the fullest – this is living life with an exclamation point.”

And how does Yang expect to get there? By abandoning the desktop and being “committed to creating the best and richest mobile experience for all consumers – making it extremely personalized to their individual style and needs while opening up the Yahoo! mobile platform to allow anyone to participate.”

Today’s beta launch of the Yahoo! Home Mobile page, based on Yahoo! Go 2.0 ( is nothing short of an embarrassing disgrace. And the simultaneous launch of the all-in-one flagship mobile offering of Yahoo! Go 3.0 has already tripped with a “we’ll let you know when it’s ready” notice. So much for making deadlines.

Betting the ranch on a mobile app, viewed on a postage stamp screen, is not my vision of an app that will “delight hundreds of millions of users worldwide.” It will not turn this company around, but merely serve to accelerate its downward spiral.

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