Tis the season for shopping and the industry expects internet shopping to hit almost $30 billion this year, up twenty percent over last season. This compares to a projected overall increase of only two percent for the retail business this year.

As shoppers flock to the internet to avoid long lines, they must also navigate the shipping alternatives that can quickly eliminate any savings, especially with last minute delivery options.

Enter FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS.

They are all vying for the retailer’s business while wooing shoppers …. Some spending in excess of $100 million on ad campaigns.

Kudos to the FedEx agency, BBDO / Germany, that created the print campaign that places two UPS delivery trucks on one of FedEx’s carriers.

FedEx had a history of creating memorable, edgy advertising that imbibes a sense of humor into every campaign. BBDO has been the FedEx lead agency for eighteen years and I suspect they will be around for another eighteen.

The design of the FedEx logo, by Lindon Leader back in 1994, as senior design director for Landon Associates, survives to this day as an example of award winning creativity using reverse optics in a very clever way.

Have you ever really looked at the logo? Look at the first version below. Do you see an arrow? Now look at the second version. You’ll never look at the logo again without focusing on the arrow!

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