Paper is no longer low-tech. Advances in technology over the last seven years has been leading the industry in new and exciting directions.

E-ink and e-paper, capable of storing energy like a conventional battery can be used to power low level lighting for night reading, while the vision for stacked reams of the versatile paper is to power automobiles.

Heat and light sensitive papers are no longer uncommon, but marketers have yet to consider their use in communications.

Heat / Light sensitive paper displays can, for instance, support menu changes on billboards from breakfast images to dinner images, attuned to either light (time of the day) or heat (sun-generated).

Wallpapers, designed to change with temperature fluxuations are also making headway. The illustration that follows shows an egg whose ink is tempered to show how cooked it is.

Finally, a UK company came up with an ingenious use for heat sensitive ironing board covers that will “remove” a draped towel or clothing from either a male or female model when heat is applied. A true relief from the boredom of ironing! The gimmick is available for roughly $27 from Prezzybox.

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George Parker said...

When I used to work on Xerox at Y&R, years ago, I managed to get a couple of trips out to P.A.R.C. The place where everything was invented, ignored, then "borrowed" by Steve jobs. They were doing all kinds of great things with digital and electronic paper. Amazing shit. But as usual... Nothing came of it. What a dumb company that was