I just finished reading a report from Marketing Charts that was chock-a-block with percentage increases for paid mobile search. You can read the report here. But to save you the trouble, I counted 44 references to percentage changes ranging from a negative 26% to a whooping spending increase of 221% …. and not a single reference to a whole number.

I do remember from grade school that a 200% increase over the number one is still just 2.

In my opinion, Mobile Search and Social Search buzz amounts to nothing more than a pre-nascent grab at the cool straws that will keep marketing CMOs spending an inordinate amount of time and money on a less than zero-sum game….for now.

It is argued that those who use mobile search are not of the normal search variety. They are wanderers looking for a pizza shop or the nearest Starbucks. Or want the latest sports scores….that just might lead them to a sports bar.

Marketers pay attention: Paid Search dollars are most effectively placed to generate returns on a PC, laptop or mobile device (tablet) that will mimic the former. Cell phones are simply not there yet, unless, of course, you’re drinking their Koolaid.

Until the mobile industry provides a standard and user friendly delivery system, let’s take the lipstick off the mobile pig and stick to simple paid search.

PS….I resent the idea that a tablet (iPad) is called a mobile device. Mobile always referred to cell phones. A tablet is a wireless (not phone) device that is transportable with a more appealing internet interface. When these two devices converge to form a more complete user experience, call me.

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