Publishers Clearing House (PCH) today announced at AdTech, San Francisco, the introduction of advertiser-sponsored tournaments for free online games at PCHGames.com

This past February, PCHGanes.com has 16 million game plays, 1.6 million uniques, 5 million visits and 28.8 million page views .... enough fodder to engage a returning audience with an opportunity to win cash prizes..

The advertiser-sponsored tournaments present a number of opportunities for brand engagement and offers to be communicated throughout the PCH portfolio of online properties, as well as through their opt-in database of email subscribers.

In addition to a customized landing page, sponsors also receive takeover ads, featured placements, ROS banners. pre-roll and post-roll ads before and after the games.

On April 28th, Mom-Jongg, a Mother's Day inspired version of Mah-Jongg, will take place.

Previewing the game site last week I found it to be engaging with a large selection of games but winced at the potential for pop up intrusions and screen crashes. I was surprised to find the sponsors and advertisers well integrated into the gaming environment and navigation error free with one major exception....games are not configured for a 10.1 inch netbook screen.

Finally, someone gets it right!

A few suggestions based on industry observations and the psychology of human behavior ....

1-Extend the experience to a community environment (sans messages) to generate the "social glue" that will keep customers connected with the sponsors.

2-Provide an opportunity to play for charities and invite celebrities to participate.

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