Yesterday's OMMA Metrics conference in New York drew an impressive gathering of brand managers, agency execs and pioneers in the analytics space from a wide range of companies trying to make sense of all the data.

There was no question that the cost basis for media has long been based on scarcity while new media focuses on value as its cost basis. This shift will drive a deeper reliance on data according to Adam Gerber, Chief Marketing Officer at Quantcast.

John Burbank, CEO at Nielsen Online noted a collaborative strategic partnership formed with Facebook to utilize its 400 million strong membership as a source for an "opt-in panel" for measurement. Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief at Mediapost asked about opt-in rates which Burbank skirted as a "state secret".

The afternoon keynote, given by Vipin Mayer, EVP Global Director of Data and Analytics at MRM Worldwide set the stage for a lively panel that focused on the need for brands to drive ad dollars from analog to digital media given proven roi measures.

The panel missed the one ingredient that could potentially become the snowflake that starts the avalanche ..... comfort. The 800 pound invisible gorilla in the room, television, is in the DNA of most major brand marketers. The easiest segue to digital media for television centric brands is broadband video. It breeds familiarity. Those in the analytics space would do well to consider a focus of initial efforts on video platform measurement.

OMMA Panel - The New Steroid - Data

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