Just one decade after the turn of the century, the US population is expected to reach 308.4 million in 2010.

It took 139 years for the US to reach its first 100 million after declaring independence from Britain in 1776. The second 100 million came 52 years later, and the third took only 39 years. Demographers project the US population could reach 400 million by 2043.

What will it look like?

The fastest growing demographic group, Latinos, will dominate our growth into the twenty first century, expected to hit the 50 million mark in 2010. Growth will be characterized by both organic growth from within the U.S. and immigration growth.

While there are some warnings that recent Latino immigrants face high social hurdles, 'As almost nothing else can, immigration-led growth signals the attractiveness of the American economy and policy,' said Kenneth Prewitt, former Census Bureau chief and now professor of public affairs at Columbia University.

Given the complexity of both country or origin and distinct generation profiles, marketers must be sensitive to the nuances that make up each group.

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