The dynamics of local media consumption is undergoing a fundamental change driven, in part, by community need and passion.

The notion and shift of attention to local media by the consumer has not yet reached the marketing departments of national brands. Instead, they are focused on the need to reach a widely dispersed audience on more "efficient", targeted, national platforms. They have yet to catch up with middle America and run the risk of eroding channels of distribution for both ad messages and product if they continue to ignore local media.

It's all about the Internet! But is it?

That technology has driven us to embrace the Internet as the next single source channel for information, entertainment, organization, communication, shopping and more is to suggest, as many have, that all other channels are doomed. In reality, a backlash of sorts is echoing in Smalltown USA to keep the media and the local community intact. Local community newspapers, as an example, are thriving in the face of today's economy.

The Internet represents about twenty percent of ad spending.... yet we are likely focusing eighty percent of our intellectual capital there! Television, Print and "Analog" media still represent eighty percent of all ad investments. What's wrong with this picture?

Today, Katz Television Group announced the creation of a new marketing group to boost awareness of Local Television and Local Digital initiatives. Bravo!

Last week, IPG, recognizing the need for local focus by major marketers launched anew agency, Geomentum, supported by a staff of 500 with close to $2 billion in billings. Bravo!

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