Pull together about forty twenty-somethings in Florida with an affinity towards music and the web. Let them loose and they’ll quietly create “The World’s Music Library”, GROOVESHARK.

This innocuous little site is sure to capture the hearts of music lovers as a free streaming music service tied to social networking. While still in its infancy with about sixty thousand monthly uniques, watch and “listen” as this site prepares to conquer similar veteran music sites.

Users can to listen to over seven million songs from their extensive song catalogue. The ability to save playlists and embed them on other websites, blogs and social media profiles via their Grooveshark widget adds yet another dimension to the site’s offerings.

Small companies are having a dramatic impact on music distribution methods. Grooveshark is an exciting company in the P2P music space.

Kudos to founders Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg .... they are certainly "in the groove". And thanks to industry veteran Art Cohen for introducing me to the site.


FunyonJunior said...

Hey Paul,

I love this thing! I just created an account and picked some music for my playlist. But when I tried to embed the code in a post, it didn't work! I kept the post up, and updated it to include an explanation.

Maybe you can shed some light - is this company so new that we should expect issues?

Matt Van Hoven,

p.s. This is a new site I'm working on. Some friends and I are taking a fourth buddy on the trip of a lifetime for his bachelor party. It's brand new, so let me know what you think. Click around!


Paul Benjou said...

Matt ... Thanks for the feedback. I ran through the embeding process and it worked flawlessly. The "widget" will appear on top of my sidebar for the next week. Let me know if you still have problems.