Anheuser Busch has launched a version of a Chelada or Michelada, a popular Mexican alcoholic beverage of a genre known in Spanish as cerveza preparada (prepared beer). There are several variations. In some cases it is similar to a Bloody Mary but containing beer instead of vodka, although a less complicated concoction of Mexican beer with sauces and lime juice added is also referred to as a Michelada.

The drink dates back to the 1940s, when mixing beer with hot sauce or salsa became popular in Mexico. In recent years, the drink has begun to become popular in the United States, and now various ready-made mixes are marketed and sold to US consumers.

Enter Anheuser Busch, rolling out a 20 oz. concoction of beer and clamato juice with a touch of salt and lime. The taste is neither beer nor clamato juice … kinda like a weak Bloody Mary without the spices. Color is a bit off-putting – cloudy orange.

The beer may be targeted for a Spanish speaking market, as its packaging is in both Spanish and English. A-B, however, released the product nationally in January following “tremedous success” in California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Nebraska.

Scouring the web, this Bud’s not for you. Most postings for the product are thumbs down, although I believe we’ll find the beer (available in both regular and light versions) will do well in ethnic geo-pockets or perhaps as a novelty. As for me … I’ll add some hot sauce and use it as a marinade or wait till they mix a Bud with a Yoo-Hoo!


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