This is one business card a card scanner will not accept!

The clever folks at Arigatou Co. in Japan are pushing a new laser technology utilizing a new CO-2, high grade engraver that can etch 700 characters per second on hard surfaced organic foods …. peanuts, beans, rice, pasta … with astonishingly sharp results.

The product line, Taberu Me, translates in English to “Eat Me” … not the most politically correct message for a client.

Drop 150 engraved peanuts, shell and all, into a glass canister for $50. It’s a small price for a very unique, eye-catching branding message. When you consider the cost of sending a tired bottle of wine or bubbly, the cost is downright cheap.

Alternatively, you can stay in the US and go to the M&M site where you can custom print your message on everyone’s favorite chocolate.

Line up those gift lists for any upcoming holiday!

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