Every once in a while we come across a company that promises to deliver on high expectations in the web development arena. The company that accomplishes this, Memetrics, does not create websites …. it tears them apart.

The focus of this company is to test a host of variable assets that, when combined, make up a website. That’s keeping it very, very simple. Multivariate testing and analysis is the name of the game.

As marketers are faced with the mission critical need to stretch their ROI, Memetrics can step in and tell you what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it. Mulitvariate testing can successfully boosted conversion rates by as much as 600%. Yes ….. 600%!!

Memetrics performs this task in short order as it leverages the dynamics of the web to reduce traditional (and limited) testing scenarios from months to weeks.

The company also opened itself to work across multiple channels …. Direct mail, interactive TV and call centers

The “brainiac” Co-CEOs that run this company are led by Hikaru Phillips and Matt Symons. Hikaru trained as an evolutionary biologist. Hikaru's approach to "adaptive marketing" has helped leading marketers leverage hypothesis testing, experimental design and optimization based on Nobel Prize winning Choice Modeling theory. Matt, formerly an attorney for one of Australia's largest law firms has been designing and delivering experimentation roadmaps for Memetrics' global clients since joining the company in 1999.

Now you know one of my secret weapons. Defend yourselves!

You can reach Memetrics though their website at, or call Chad Miller at (815) 389-0530.

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